The Process by JSD Design

The Process by JSD Design is not formally accredited, however we find that many of our schemes will tend to fall into the following stages…


Feasibility study – However brief, it is important to take the time to agree the programme, scope, budget and feasibility of the project between the client and designer.


Sketch proposals – Our designers will provide concept designs in plan or elevation form that gives you an idea of how your project might look. This will often be presented as hand drawn sketches, but can be shown in 3D or in autocad plans if that suits the client better.


Planning drawings – Drawings to scale that reflect the information that is confirmed about a site, such as topographical studies, drainage plans, structural surveys. The architectural drawings will be used to obtain planning permission, as necessary and will need to conform to the planning law requirements for the property.


Building regulations package of drawings – Once planning has been granted, these drawings may be the same as the planning drawings, but in all likelihood they will include some additional information to comply with building regulations and make the project “buildable”.


Detailed design – These drawings will show a builder in detail what he needs to build in areas of complexity, such as a kitchen layout or how a balcony joins to the house. When combined with the building regulation drawings they will form a package of information that can be fully costed by a builder. Throughout the pre-contract stage, our designers will be able to advise you of your responsiblities toward fulfilling the Health & Safety Executives regulations 2015 and ensure that the correct proceedures are followed.


Work on site – Our designers will attend site to liaise with the builder and ensure that your design is being built to the design that you expect. Where a project is a renovation of an existing building, there are often missing pieces of information that can only become apparent once the strip out work begins. It is important that the client, designer and builder have the opportunity to work as a team to resolve any site queries in the best way possible.

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